Moving Textile

Moving Textile is a project platform as well as several material experiments. In its basic form it comprises servomotors mounted on a surface, Arduino boards programmed to control the speed and direction of individuals or groups of motors through any choice of sensors.

The overall purpose of the Moving Textile projects is to explore the potential of expressions that come to be in context over time.

We investigate what it does to the depth, complexity, and quality of the designed textile expressions when one part of the material composition is held stable throughout the design process. We use the platform to develop new textile structures and patterns that can achieve interesting expressions with this kind of slow or rapid explicit rotations. How, for instance, a textile surface becomes more or less permeable, how it changes from an even surface to a surface with three dimensional features, or how pattern combinations can play together through the rotations. Furthermore, investigate the power of interacting with these changing textile expression by applying them in different contexts such as classrooms, chapels, and hallways.

The expressions all point towards ways of working with computational input and output that allows for the computational power to be part of new contexts. When we discard screens and buttons we discover a larger range of expressions--expressions from which we can find new functionality.

The project team has over time also included: Delia Dumitrescu, Hanna Landin, Anna Persson, Mika Satomi, & Linda Worbin. from the swedish school of textile. The original idea for the platform was conceived at the Interactive Institute by Pablo Miranda Carranza, Asmund Gamlesaeter, and Johan Redström.


Dumitrescu, Delia , Hanna Landin, & Anna Vallgårda (2012) "An Interactive Textile Hanging: Textile, Context, and Interaction" Studies in Material Thinking, 7, pp. 1-13 [pdf]

Landin, Hanna, Anna Vallgårda & Linda Worbin (2011): "Wall hanging as an organic interface" OUI workshop at TEI 2011, Funchal, Portugal January 23-26 [pdf]


Invited to the exhibition: forsg: kunst, forsking og folkeoplysning [Experiments: art, research, and general education] at the museeum for Poul la Cour's test turbines in Askov (October 6th - 21st 2012).